About Akamai

Our mission is to help people break free from the mainstream personal care paradigm that promotes too many products, toxic chemicals and complexity (too many products and routines) – at a high cost to our health, environment and wallets. We believe there is nothing normal about what has become “the norm”. We believe less is more.

Akamai is personal care, radically simplified. We make 100% natural, multipurpose, healthy personal care essentials and deliver them via our direct to consumer ecommerce site. We believe clean and healthy teeth, skin and hair can be achieved with fewer chemicals, far fewer products and at a lower cost than we have been led to believe.

Our brand is built on four core values:
Health: natural, nourishing, supporting our microbiomes.
Value: multipurpose, fair price, superior quality
Simplicity: less is more (e.g. wash less, rinse more), people only need a few multipurpose basics, convenience.
Sustainability: recyclable, refillable, compostable, earth-friendly ingredients and packaging and carbon-neutral checkout.

Healthy. Simple. Smart.

We are B Corporation and donate 1% of sales to like-minded organizations.


Software Engineering Intern

June 2018 - September 2018 Santa Clara, CA
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