AMP Robotics

About AMP Robotics

"AMP" stands for Automated Materials Processing. AMP's core products are AMP Neuron, AMP Cortex, and AMP Vortex.

AMP Robotics has created Cortex, a robotic system that can rapidly pick recyclable materials off a conveyor belt for recovery. This is enabled by a vision system, AMP Neuron that peers into the recyclable stream to identify individual pieces of recoverable material.

AMP's products are designed to meet the demanding needs of Material Recovery Facilities: higher throughput, increase commodity revenue, better bale quality, and a fixed labor rate over time.

Cortex is designed to work in single stream, mixed waste, construction & demolition, and e-waste facilities.

AMP Vortex, another core product, is an A.I. powered film contamination removal technology that helps remove materials such as plastic bags from the waste stream.


Senior Mechanical Engineering Intern

June 2018 - September 2018 Louisville, CO
“I proved myself last year, and this summer I was in charge of multiple high profile projects. Two of my inventions this summer were patented and are being used by customers in the field. ”
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