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About Aptive Environmental

Imagine what it would be like to graduate debt free. Or better yet, imagine making enough to cover college, living expenses and a new car, all while having enough left over to invest in your future. That's where Aptive comes in...

Aptive is a nationwide pest control company that has recently been recognized as the fastest growing service company in the nation. We are known for our successful summer sales program that was designed specifically for college students. Reps go door-to-door selling year-long pest service contracts in one of our many offices around the country. Our average first year representatives earn $20-25k in 15 weeks over the summer.

Environmental Services- Aptive Environmental is the fastest growing pest control service in North America with locations in over 5,000 cities. Our goal isn't just to remove pests but to help everyone enjoy their homes.


Direct sales

April 2021 Detroit, MI
“Taking a job Aptive Environmental was one of the best decisions I ever made. I've learned how to be financially free, countless sales skills, interpersonal skills, how to lead and so much more! I've been with the company 5 years now! Everyone I work with is a go getter and teaches me so much every day. ”
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