Asotin County Prosecutors Office

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Prosecuting Attorney, public office


Paralegal Intern

June 2019 Asotin, WA
“Everything. I gained (and am still gaining) so much valuable knowledge and experience about the law and operations of American judicial systems. Asotin's Prosecutors Office has allowed me to see first-hand what attorneys do to prepare cases, how case files are managed, who gets interviewed for what cases, how interviews are conducted, and how a case progresses through the various phases of court proceedings. I was given the opportunity to manage case files, review case dispositions, read police reports, conduct case research, observe interviews, observe court hearings, prepare motions, create and release subpoenas, quash warrants, prepare show causes, and draft correspondence to offenders. I was also able to engage in limited coroners duties and given the chase to observe the transport and investigation of decedent's bodies, review coroner reports, and conduct pill inventories. Interning for the Asotin prosecutor's office was/is hands down one of the most thrilling and inspiring experiences of my life so far. It has me exceedingly motivated and excited about working in the legal field in the future. ”
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