Camp Spearhead

About Camp Spearhead

Since 1968, Camp Spearhead has provided an environment of unconditional acceptance to children and adults with special needs. Camp Spearhead is more than just a camp for youth and adults with special needs. It truly is a bridge to a special world for individuals who experience daily challenges that are inescapable and overwhelming. Some campers cannot talk, walk or feed themselves and require one-on-one assistance 24 hours a day. At Camp Spearhead, campers experience acceptance through friendship, dignity through challenge, and hope through unconditional love.


Program Staff

May 2019 Slater-Marietta, SC
“I loved this job! I got the chance to interact with some of the best people in South Carolina. The campers are children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. I loved getting to see the campers be who the truly are without the fear of them being different. Because everybody is different at Camp Spearhead. ”
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