About CivicScience

We’re on a mission to power the world’s opinions and bring them to the decision makers who care.

CivicScience provides strategic insight services to decision-makers at the smartest brands, media companies, and investment firms in the world, while giving consumers a trusted, convenient way to effect change.
Through a proprietary polling and analytics platform, we study consumers and markets across thousands of dimensions, from macro forces to brand-specic trends, and how they relate. We help companies make winning bets on the future, hone go-to-market strategy, and reduce marketing waste. We’re lightning fast and affordable.An extensive list of clients use CivicScience across their enterprise, from the C-Suite to finance to media/marketing and consumer insights.


Marketing Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Pittsburgh, PA
“I really appreciated how nice and helpful every member on the team was and was surprised at how appreciative they were of my work. ”
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