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About Club Fit

We can help all fitness levels—from the super athlete to the last one picked in gym class; from the old to the very young. Our programming (some paid, but much of it included in membership) is motivating and technically sound. We use the latest research to be sure we’re teaching our members the latest techniques for exercise. We have learned that much of the work of keeping people motivated to work out is being sure that our programming is fresh and new. Exercise adherence can be difficult for people and we feel for them. It’s our job to keep things interesting and we work hard to do it. Often, a member’s visit to the club is the highlight of their day. Our members are fitter, happier, more mobile, more well.


Pool Lifeguard

July 2019 - September 2019 Jefferson Valley, NY
“The employers and employees were very kind and friendly and the managers were supportive.”
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