Coding Minds Academy

About Coding Minds Academy

Founded in the summer of 2016, Coding Minds Academy ( seeks to educate students of all ages in computer science through interactive lessons and enriching programming projects. There are multiple sites located in California, and we are expanding online programs for students nationwide and abroad. We offer after-school programs, weekend workshops, camps, and 1-on-1 mentorship. We believe in the learn-by-doing philosophy, so all of our coding curricula involve development of real world applications, such as robotics, mobile apps, and games. Join us on our journey as we build a community centered on programming empowerment!



September 2020 Irvine, CA
“- Teaching students how to program felt very rewarding and helped reinforce my existing knowledge. - The other mentors were very kind and helped me learn how to teach, prepare lessons, etc. - Resources for teaching are easily accessible to both mentors and students”
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