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I have heard good reviews about FactSet's mentorship program, can anyone talk more about it?

FactSet has an outstanding mentor program. Each new hire is paired with their own mentor, who is someone who typically has been with the company for at least a year. The mentor reaches out before you even get to the office to answer any questions about the office or work, or even questions abou...
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How would you describe the general interview process of FactSet? On top of that, what questions can I expect?

In general the interview at FactSet was fairly standard. I was asked questions about classes and projects that I enjoyed most, why I wanted to work there, what interested me specifically in finance, and to elaborate on a challenge that I had overcome. I would say that I found a lot of the quest...
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Is the work culture at FactSet Research Systems welcoming for a recent graduate?

Culture is the best part about the job (SF office). So fun, lots of young people just figuring out how to navigate the working world. Lots of Happy Hours and team outings. Everyone is there to help you learn and work as a team.
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Should I come in expecting I will have full ownership as a consultant at FactSet Research Systems?

100% - you own your accounts fully. You get the blame if you drop the ball but if you upsell or find an opportunity/save the account then you get the credit
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How technical will my interview be with FactSet Research Systems if I am applying for their software engineering role?

If you are going for an interview for a Software Engineer position at FactSet, stay confident because they gonna grill you a lot especially on your technical skills. If you are a computer science student then prepare well your data structures and algorithms part along with RDBMS and SQL concepts....
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What parts of your role as a Research Specialist did you enjoy, or not, at FactSet Research Systems?

I liked the research aspect - going through different reports to figure out what next steps should be or comparing old methods of data collection to newer methods. I didn't like that my team didn't want to utilize technology to optimize their work. I also didn't like the imbalance of work on my ...
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