L.A. Care Health Plan

About L.A. Care Health Plan

L.A. Care’s mission is to provide access to quality health care for Los Angeles County's vulnerable and low-income communities and residents and to support the safety net required to achieve that purpose. Committed to offering accessible, affordable and high quality health care, L.A. Care Health Plan is an independent local public agency created by the State of California to provide health coverage to low-income Los Angeles County residents through a variety of health coverage programs including L.A. Care Covered™, Medi-Cal, L.A. Care’s Healthy Kids, L.A. Care Cal MediConnect Plan and PASC-SEIU Homecare Workers Health Care Plan. With more than 2 million members in six product lines, L.A. Care is the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan.


Health Operations Intern

August 2019 Los Angeles, CA
“The team at L.A. Care Health Plan are always challenging me in not only utilizing the best of my skills but also thinking as a creative, out-of-the-box type of thinker. They are extremely flexible with my school schedule and understanding with schedule changes. My internship supervisors would always provide me with extra resources for me to read at home in order to better prepare for presentations and projects. Would highly recommend this internship experience.”
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