Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership

Set Site Supervisor

March - July 2019 • Minnetonka, MN

What I liked

I like that I was in charge of the team and was a leader. I was able to lead the team to finish tasks faster and in a more efficient way. Critical thinking is another big thing for me because I enjoy using my brain to think. For instance, when I see that the team has done the same thing over and over, I will think of another way to help lead the team to get the work done quicker.

What I wish was different

I wish that management would have been different. For instance, I wish that they would have shown more appreciation toward their hard-working employees and that any conflict that the employee has should be immediate address instead of leaving them hanging. Another thing that I wish had been different is training new employees. I felt that I learned and pick up things on my own and the training wasn't adequate enough.


I like the overall experience and was happy that the company itself have given me a chance to shine myself. It was a great experience and definitely something that I have never had before within my years of work experience. If this is something that you want to try in the future, I will advise you to give it a try.
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