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About Malone Solutions

Malone is a privately held workforce solutions firm with over 40 years of experience providing excellence in the staffing industry. We approach every decision, every task and every day with a clear goal of improving the operations of our clients and the lives of our talent.

Our mission is simple: To Connect Premier Employers with Top Talent

Why Our Clients Choose Us:
•National Coverage with Local Solutions: While we can support you at a national level, we design customized solutions to meet your individual site’s needs.

•Stellar Customer Support: Our clients receive dedicated account management and support from Malone Leadership, from the President down.

•Goal Driven Key Performance Metrics: We work with our clients to establish metrics that drive fulfillment of our clients' goals, near and long term.

•Continuous Improvement: As a company, we are constantly striving to enhance the operations of our clients by sharing industry best practices.
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Why Our Talent Choose Us:
•Career Opportunities at All Levels: Nearly 80% of our client’s workforce is hired from our talent pool, which means you'll have access to countless opportunities.

•Fantastic Perks & Benefits: Our talent receives insurance and other benefits, as well as local, regional and national discounts and perks to increase the quality of their lives.

•Hands On Support: As part of Team Malone, you'll receive dedicated support from your helpful Malone representative who is focused on your personal career success.

•A Partner in Your Career: Our employees are treated as talent; we recognize our dual responsibility and take the careers of our talent very seriously.


Automotive Driver

May 2019 - August 2019 Montgomery, AL
“I loved that my fellow workers were friendly and the work environment was inviting.”
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