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About Nalas Engineering Services, Inc.

Nalas offers chemistry and chemical engineering expertise enabling the development and transition of safe, sustainable, robust and lowest-cost chemical processes. Implementation of innovative technologies can result in significant annual cost savings for our customers. We evaluate existing or new processes and provide recommendations tailored for implementation with the equipment and capabilities of our customer's facility. We provide engineering services through all aspects of process development, enabling value-added solutions that scale to meet the needs of our customers.


Chemical Engineer II

May 2020 - August 2020 Centerbrook, CT
“I liked every aspect of working at Nalas, in particular, the intern involvement. Most internships will give interns the tedious work or the easy work that no one wants to do. At Nalas, the directors will put you on the task that you most likely will enjoy (and they will allow you to change projects if you'd like) and, like most of their projects, it will be very big and important. You are expected to work through the chemical process and provide ideas to move forward with the optimization process. This type of independence gives people the straight forward learning experience that an intern of chemical engineering should receive. On top of that, Nalas had signed me up for the AiChE RAPID intern program which was a great advancement in my knowledge of chemical process engineering. Finally, every 2 weeks, Nalas requires the interns to create a 15 minute presentation that shows what/how/why they did what they did on their project. This is great for staying in touch with all the directors plus the CEO, as well as growing my presentation skills greatly.”
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