Project Connect

About Project Connect

The mission of Project Connect and Twin Oaks Juvenile Development, Inc. is to provide quality and balanced services that promote the development of successful, responsible, productive and accountable citizens. To forever touch the life of each person served by fulfilling the cultural, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs in a caring and supportive environment.

Project Connect is contracted by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to provide transitional services to youth being released from programs. Project Connect provides two types of mentoring (individual and team) for all youth served in the program. Both of these methods have distinct benefit and meet the unique needs of youth transitioning from residential programs back into their community. Additionally, each youth will be assigned a Life Coach to serve as their primary mentor. If you have a passion to help young people and are interested in becoming a Life Coach, please contact us!



August 2019 Daytona Beach, FL
“Helping kids and getting an idea of how my job in counseling will be in the future”
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