Schlotzsky's Deli


April 2017 - August 2018 • Amarillo, TX

What I liked

I loved the people that would come in. After working there so long I started to have regulars that would know my name and I would know theres. It created a bond and helped me enjoy my job. I also loved my coworkers. I was excited to go to work to see them.

What I wish was different

I wish the management was different. They picked favorites and it would cause issues with the people that had the same job title. Of course there was some of us that had been there longer, but it was hard to work with someone that was mad all the time. The schedule was not the same every week, which caused issues for people that was depending on the money to pay their bills.


Make friends with people you work with. Smile at everyone. You have no idea what anyone is going through and you have no idea how a happy person can change their day.
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