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About SeaBear Company/ Made In Washington Stores

We appreciate your interest in learning more about our company and the positions that contributes to our overall success.

Here at SeaBear Company, our teams are spread out amongst our Anacortes plant and our five Made In Washington Stores throughout western Washington. The Anacortes plant is where SeaBear started and where our team focuses heavily on producing the SeaBear and Gerard & Dominique brand as well as Made In Washington Distribution. Then, there are our Made In Washington Stores, which are spread out amongst Western Washington.

Depending on the role you seek in the company, you may work on one brand, you may work on two brands, or you may work on all three but regardless, all three of these brands, SeaBear, Gerard & Dominique and Made In Washington, are very important to the organization as a whole and to our overall success as a business. Whatever job you are going to be doing as you join our team, you are part of thrilling our customers!


Sales Associate

May 2019 - August 2019 Seattle, WA
“I loved being able to meet all types of people from all around the world. Working at a tourist shop at huge public market in a big city means lots of tourists and lots of stories. ”
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