Sergio's Cuban Cafe and Grill

About Sergio's Cuban Cafe and Grill

Brought to you by the famous Sergio’s Family Restaurants, Sergio’s Cuban Café + Grill is redefining the way you eat Cuban.

Sergio’s Family Restaurant’s CEO, Carlos Gazitua, spent his childhood around the family business, but it wasn’t until years later that he had an epiphany. After noticing an alarming rise in diabetes and blood pressure within the community, he realized there weren’t many restaurants helping people make healthy eating choices. He knew he had to make a difference.

His solution: put a healthier spin on the authentic Cuban food they knew and loved.

Having come of age in a generation that put an emphasis on organics, as well as the quality and sourcing of food, he saw an opportunity to take the family business in a new direction. Soon thereafter, Sergio’s Family Restaurants launched “La Flaca,” a menu committed to providing flavorful and balanced dishes under 500 calories and with less than 500mg of sodium.

The success of “La Flaca” inspired the new Sergio’s Cuban—a place where everyone in the family, young and old, would be able to gather in a communal setting and customize a meal to their liking. The new concept is an opportunity to bring people together in a quick, convenient fashion over flavorful dishes and good conversation.

“While the core concept is rooted in Cuban culture and tradition, there is an exciting evolution in the healthier customizable menu and environment that promises a diversity beyond what you will find in the traditional Cuban restaurant.” -Carlos Gazitua, Founder of Sergio’s Cuban.


Cafe Server

March 2018 Miami, FL
“I enjoy the people I work with.”
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