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About Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games builds video games to expose next generation talent to career paths and connect them with training, apprenticeships and employment in their region.

Since 2005, Simcoach Games has been at the forefront of creating engaging and instructional video games and digital experiences designed to benefit individuals, enterprises, and society. We know that gamified learning experiences do more than entertain. Games also provide a personal and safe place to assess skills, explore interests, make choices, and absorb information. From learning environments such as classrooms, worksites, and workplaces – or in private and personal learning spaces – skills and aptitudes can be discovered, behaviors can change, and personal development can be advanced.

We do offer sponsorship and welcome a discussion on our employment opportunities with you!

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Art and Design Intern

May 2018 Pittsburgh, PA
“I got to work with some really great people and gain some hands on experience in the video game industry.”
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