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The South Burlington School District is a public school system comprised of about 2400 students in grades Pre-K to 12. Our district is noted for academic rigor, relevance, and relationships as supported by a greater than 91% graduation rate. Of our graduates, 77% enroll in higher education. More than 60% of our students are involved in District sponsored extra-curricular activities and over 35% of our students participate in district sponsored athletic activities each season. It is a goal of the district to create excellence in achievement for all of our students through the guiding principals of our District Ends Policy.

Essential Early Education Programs are hosted at Chamberlin Elementary School and Orchard Elementary School and the District works closely with the South Burlington Family Center and regional child-care providers to enable children, aged three and older, to start school ready to learn. The District also provides a robust afterschool and summer enrichment program called "School's Out" serving more than 300 students in grades Pre-K to 8.

Elementary programs are developmental with an emphasis on early literacy and math concepts. All K-5 elementary schools (Chamberlin, Orchard, and Rick Marcotte Central School) provide art, music, and physical education opportunities to enhance the core academic curriculum. Instructional units include single grade options with all grade configurations, in order to meet the learning needs of various learning styles. To assist classroom teachers with this responsibility, each elementary school has Special Education and English Language Learner support available to students. Each school also has a guidance counselor, librarian, and school nurse.

Teams of professionals work together to meet the unique needs of the young adolescents in our 6-8 grade program at the Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School. The goals for our students include intellectual competence, physical and emotional fitness, and respectful behaviors. While proper preparation for the academic rigors of high school are integral to the middle level curriculum, other purposes specific to this age level are also emphasized: personal development, self-esteem, and exploratory learning. The curriculum is enriched with art, technology education, music, orchestra, band, jazz band, and world languages. Special Educators, guidance counselors, a librarian, and a school nurse also provide support for students learning at the middle school.

South Burlington High School is proud of its comprehensive curriculum and offers advance placement (AP) classes in such areas as Science, Math, English, History, Psychology, and Computer Science. Programs in art, music, practical arts, technology, and physical education are available to students on campus while the District partners with technical and vocational programs at neighboring regional technical centers.

A variety of athletic and co-curricular activities are available to students. Our students consistently excel in many athletic and co-curricular academic competitions. Students at South Burlington High School achieve above state and national averages on standardized tests.

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September 2018 South Burlington, VT
“I enjoyed playing games and doing crafts with the kids, and learning what things interested them. Even in the more difficult school(s), the program still is easy to pick up. It is rejuvenating in a way to connect with a younger generation! In addition, the more diverse your skills and background, the better! Kids love learning and talking about Disney movies, super heroes, and the world around them.”
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