Sycamore Growth Group

Business Analyst

May - August 2018 • Dublin, OH

What I liked

Sycamore's culture is something that's really special for the internship. We work much harder than other firms in order to help our clients secure economic incentives to propel job growth, but we are a close-knit team that has fun together while we do the work. The organization strives to be a support organization instead of a report organization, so there's always someone at the company ready and willing to help with any questions. The flexibility I had over the summer was also something I really valued. I was expected to work a certain number of hours over the entire summer, and I was able to take days off whenever I needed a break or wanted to take a vacation as long as I met the hour minimum. This flexibility enabled me to truly establish a work-life balance. The team at Sycamore is also devoted to helping interns do work that they are interested in. As a Computer Science major, I was given responsibility on the website redesign project, as front-end development is an interest of mine. Work didn't feel like work — it was fun, interesting, and I didn't have to wake myself up in the mornings because I was excited to go to work.

What I wish was different

I wish that there was more professional reviews during the internship. We were given a midpoint review and an exit review, but we were not given much incremental advice throughout the summer. If there was a framework for providing professional support throughout the summer instead of two concentrated sessions, the stress revolving around the reviews would decrease significantly.


Embrace the culture. Sycamore is great at choosing people that they think will fit into the culture well but also put in the work. It took me a while to adjust to the culture but once I did I enjoyed work much more.
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