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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is redefining the liberal arts and sciences education by uniting traditional disciplines in innovative schools and departments across the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. More than 1,200 faculty members help deliver unmatched access to educational excellence through use-inspired research, community initiatives and more. As a student in the academic heart of the university, you’ll be encouraged to drive transformation and accelerate discoveries in topics that you’re passionate about.


Student Researcher

May 2022 - July 2022 Tempe, AZ
“I enjoyed working on a team during the (AM)^2 REU. All of my teammates from this experience were absolutely fantastic! They were all great to get along with, and we worked well as a team. It was grand getting some hands-on experience with mathematical modelling. My mentor walked me through how to use differential equations to track the rate populations catch COVID-19 and recover from it, with and without a vaccine. In spite of the fact that I have not yet taken a course of differential equations, he explained it very well and I caught on quickly. I gained some valuable skills with how to program a mathematical/scientific presentation using LaTeX Beamer. I am glad this experience is remote, because I cannot travel to the campus at this time. Thanks to this experience, my team and I are working on publishing an article based on our research to SIURO!”
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