The GLAD Group

About The GLAD Group

GLAD stands for Good Looking Artistic Designs. We specialize in reinventing highly-valued, traditional products with an interactive marketing approach using our patented technology. We are a startup company that understands the most important part of any business is the TEAM, so if you are interested in joining a team full of serial entrepreneurs, nonstop hustlers, and fun-loving gladiators, we encourage you to apply! This internship will show you the beauty and the beast of the startup business world, as well as challenge you to think like there is no inside of the box .


Front-End Engineering Intern

August 2021 Palo Alto, CA
“What I like most about this opportunity was that I feel like the internship is built around me. The internship has very flexible hours, opportunities to explore what I want to focus on, and I can see how the work I do affects the company. I also felt that my opinions and input were valued and taken into consideration. ”

Full-Stack Engineering Intern

June 2021 Santa Clara, CA
“I really liked that I was able to develop the specific skills that I wanted to develop and I was provided with the adequate resources to be successful. Communication is the most important part and questions are always responded to in a timely manner. The schedules were very flexible to accommodate my heavy school load and I never felt stressed about missing a timeline due to schoolwork getting in the way. ”
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