The Speckled Trout Restaurant & Bottle Shop

About The Speckled Trout Restaurant & Bottle Shop

Kitchens are often described as gathering places, the heart of a home. We like to think of The Speckled Trout in a similar sense.
We explore the roots of Appalachian food and beverage culture, and re-create it in our kitchen by preserving and reviving ingredients of our local heritage. Menus are more than a list of ingredients; they show how people live and what they value. In the 1950s, The Speckled Trout was a place to stop and fill up your gas tank. Now, you can fill up on fresh mountain trout, soup beans and hoecakes, and wash it down with local farm beer or fresh rosé.


Restaurant Shift Leader

July 2019 Blowing Rock, NC
“Working with great people (FOH & BOH), get managing experience, free shift meal & shift drink”
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