TIGHITCO, Inc. is an industry leader in the design, fabrication, and assembly of engineered components for aerospace and industrial applications. Our “Design-Build-Low Cost Manufacturing” approach provides customers with a complete solution to their technical challenges. In addition, the Lean and Continuous Improvement philosophy we employ emphasizes efficiency while maintaining the flexibility necessary to support our different customers. We view our customers as partners and our goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and be the preferred solution provider.

TIGHITCO is comprised of three divisions, Insulation Products, Aerostructures, and Overhaul Support Services, supported by 6 facilities located throughout North America.

TIGHITCO Insulation Products Group
The Insulation Products Group began in 1944 as part of the H. I. Thompson Company. In 1960 a new facility was opened in Atlanta, Georgia and the name was changed to HITCO. In 1991 The InterTech Group of South Carolina acquired the Insulation Products Group in Atlanta creating TIGHITCO, Inc.

Today the Atlanta location is TIGHITCO’s center of excellence for insulation products providing innovative solutions to meet our aerospace and commercial customers’ heat shield, insulation, and fire protection requirements. Primary products include encapsulated metal, sewn and molded insulation blankets and other products using similar manufacturing techniques.

In addition to engineering and fabrication in Atlanta, insulation and sewn products are manufactured in our TIGHITCO Latinoamerica facility in San Luis Potosì, Mexico. This location was established in 2001 to meet our customers’ needs for low cost and labor-intensive solutions.


Engineering intern

June 2018 Atlanta, GA
“Great company, some of the nicest coworkers I have ever had. ”
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