Widget Brain

About Widget Brain

Widget Brain believes that a smarter world is a better world where companies make data-driven decisions. A world where every company becomes a software company in need of algorithms to improve their business performance.

Our software enables autonomous decision making in operations. Our algorithms provide superior service, lower costs, and create a more sustainable business.

We help our customers successfully transform to the digital ecosystem. Connect to our world-class algorithms for retail, industrial equipment, maritime and waste.

We guarantee easy integration, scale, speed and security.


Business Development & Marketing Associate

June 2018 - August 2018 Burlington, VT
“I really enjoyed being able to see the difference I was able to make in the several weeks I was at Widget Brain. I got to see my work being shared through Linkedin and saw future meetings being schedueled from my initial contacts. Also, the flexibiity and balance of work and life was a big plus to the position.”
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