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About A.S.E. Global Bridges, Inc.

A.S.E. Global Bridges is a non-profit organization founded in 1997* with a vision of a shared future built around mutual understanding, respect, and shared values. The foundation of A.S.E.'s programming is using the common bonds of Arts, Sports, and Education to promote an impactful dialogue between the people of the United States, Eurasia and Eastern European Countries. During its 25 years of acclaimed initiatives, ASE has developed respected collaborations and programming focused on countries of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Additionally, in recognition of its roots, A.S.E. is dedicated to promoting progress and wellbeing of the Russian-American community in New York City and throughout the United States, while enabling it to preserve its heritage, culture and language.

Among its acclaimed programs are: Annual Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Programs (NY & CT, USA). NSLI for Youth Scholarship to Study Language Abroad, sponsored by the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (Moscow, Russia), Sports for All (US-Russia, virtual).

"On behalf of the United States Government, I congratulate A.S.E. Global Bridges* and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy on 15 years of successful partnership. Your collaboration has deepened ties between the U.S. and Russian dance communities and encouraged cross cultural understanding through the arts, despite the challenges in the official bilateral relationship. Your success demonstrates that the Russian and American people can perform, learn, and thrive side-by-side. I wish you many more years of successful collaboration ahead."
- Honorable John J. Sullivan, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation, 2022

“[ASE Global Bridges]* continued contributions to cultural, educational, and sports programs in the United States and Russia help foster greater understanding between the people of the United States and the Russian Federation. Such programs highlight the things that the American and Russian people have in common.”
- Honorable Michael A. McFaul, Former US Ambassador to Moscow / May 2012

*Name formally changed from the Russian American Foundation in 2022.


Camp Counselor

June 2018 - August 2018 Windsor, CT
“Working with kids and being surrounded by ballet.”
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