AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah

Financial Analyst Intern

June - August 2022 • Walnut Creek, CA

What I liked

It was a hybrid environment which gave me the ability to work from home as well as get close with my coworkers. I truly enjoyed the work environment and how supportive all of management was. The return offer does not require a response until the end of my school year because they encouraged us to explore other options. One boss in particular I looked up to because of how inspiring his leadership has been to me. I look up to my bosses as mentors and appreciate their honesty about the job through my learning experience.

What I wish was different

For my personal project working in internal audit, my boss worked from home and I was unable to meet him in person. He was a highly respected senior director of internal audit who spoke eloquently when reciting reports. It would have been a great opportunity to be able to meet him in person and elevate my learning at AAA.


Do not be shy to speak and ask questions to higher ups. They are eager to share what they have learned in their careers. Also applying their advice to your own work ethics and ideas of how to live your own life. Setting goals for oneself is a lesson I have learned through my mentor. Everyone there truly wants the best for you and want to be able to help in any way possible.
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