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If I'm applying for the research role at Abt Associates, what should I make sure to highlight?

You should focus on research experiences when talking with Abt. They will want to talk about your thesis primarily. You could also toss in any research assistantships or other large research projects you’ve worked on, but the bulk of the interview will focus on your research experience and comple...
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If I apply for an intern role at Abt Associates, is there a high chance of securing a return offer?

The best tip I could give for going from internship to offer at Abt would be to get as involved as you can at all the different stages of the project cycle. While your limited time with the company might make this difficult, it would still be helpful to try and be involved not only in the ongoing...
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How much ownership will I have over my work as an analyst at Abt Associates?

You can have a fairly high level of ownership over your work, but as is true in any contracted work whether at Abt or any other similar company, a lot of it is defined by your client and the statement of work. That is not to say you do not have input into decisions, but more often the types of th...
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How would you describe the culture at Abt Associates?

Keeping in mind that it has been a few years since I have worked there, I think the culture is very collegial, but can also be somewhat hierarchical. There are a lot of smart people there who I still keep in touch with because they are generally interested in learning new things. Generally, there...
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With hiring season around the corner, how should I prepare for a potential interview with Abt Associates?

I would do a bit of research on some past or current projects that Abt has which match your interests. When thinking about hiring, they are looking to see if they have work that they can match with your interests, so it is a good idea to give them some ideas of if you hire me, these are the proje...
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Any clue to what the compensation works out to be for someone in a research position at Abt Associates?

Compensation will be about $45,000/year for a new graduate in a research assistant role.
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Generally, what does it take to do well and exceed expectations at Abt Associates?

From my experience, the key attribute needed to succeed at Abt Associates (assuming that you're heading there straight out of undergrad) is a self-starting attitude and a desire to get involved in lots of areas and projects. Working at Abt will expose you to a large number of different opportunit...
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Odd question, but what questions should I NOT ask a recruiter from Abt Associates?

When talking to an Abt recruiter, it's best not to ask them anything about the people they interview and how people may react. This variable is a total wild card and different people may have different experiences, so be wary when listening to an employees good and/or bad experiences with conduct...
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