About Accrete

Accrete is an AI prime defense contractor with the U.S. government that creates AI software, enabling its customers to make better decisions, faster. Accrete is on a mission to create AI so powerful it amplifies human reasoning and enables enterprises to grow in previously unimaginable ways. Prior to launching Accrete in 2017, Prashant Bhuyan, Accrete’s Founder and CEO, spent over a decade in high-frequency trading where he and a core team experimented with and developed AI technology that ultimately became the early underpinnings of Accrete.

Accrete’s solutions enable the Department of Defense to predict covert behavior from foreign adversaries seeking to influence the supply chain; the U.S. Air Force to identify vulnerabilities in microprocessor firmware; major music labels to identify superstars before competitors; auto dealers to automatically generate marketing content from vehicle feature lists; employee benefits brokers to identify the shortest path to the hottest leads; and more.

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Knowledge and Annotation intern

September 2019 New York City, NY
“The work culture was fantastic. We worked and joked all around the office and played Table Tennis when tired.”
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