Activant Capital

Summer Fellow

June - August 2020 • Greenwich, CT

What I liked

The investment team cares about each other, and everyone's opinion is valued (and necessary). One the benefits of a small team is that it becomes impossible for anyone to get siloed into doing exclusively one thing. It's a little bit of a trial by fire, but you learn so much because you do a little bit of everything, which becomes obvious if you abstain from a conversation. The leadership of the firm will consistently seek out your opinion because they care so much about a breadth of ideas and perspectives.

What I wish was different

My fellowship was during the pandemic, and as a result, I didn't get to travel as much as the team normally did. It meant my fellowship was rewarding in terms of connecting with the team, but we didn't get see as many places or meet as many founders as I would've liked. Obviously, this wasn't Activant's fault, just a result of the times.


The interviews are looking for you to think critically and evaluate companies in a unique or interesting way. Growth equity sits between investing in ideas (VC) and investing in stable companies (PE) so you need to be able to understand and sell a narrative for a companies growth while also backing it up with hard numbers.
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