About AcuityMD

Each year, nearly 6,000 new medical devices get approved by the FDA, adding to the the tens of thousands of products interacting with patients every day.

A typical surgery can involve hundreds of individual parts, biologics or implants customized to the patient, 3D imaging and robotics to navigate and monitor operations.

Medical technology brings the opportunity to improve and personalize care for everyone. It also brings complexity to healthcare providers, their patients, and the companies that serve them.

Healthcare lacks an operating system for its products. Software built for other industries struggles to record how providers use medical devices as they care for patients. This visibility is necessary to design and distribute the best products for as many patients as possible.

AcuityMD: Clarity on the best products at the right moments of care.

We use data and software to record how medical devices are used, understand why outcomes vary, and identify opportunities to expand access to more physician.


Operations Analyst Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Boston, MA
“Hands on experience with data analytics, was able to practice SQL and python coding languages in a career setting.”
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