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AEDAS is a leading global design practice dedicated to creative excellence and diversity in the built environment. We are a global platform for the most talented architects and designers, focused upon delivering locally-celebrated solutions for cities, communities and clients. Our global network of 26 offices formsa diverse staff base with skills across all sectors in architecture, interior design, building consultancy, master planning, landscape and urban design.
凯达环球作为首屈一指的国际化建筑及设计公司,一直致力为建筑环境成就创新卓越和丰富多姿的设计。我们提供了国际化的平台,汇聚全球的设计精英,凭着我们对建筑设计的理念、灵感和国际知识的共享,竭力为每个项目制定切合用地环境、社区和客户需要的设计方案。我们的办事处遍及全球 26个城市,员工具有多元文化背景,能为客户提供广泛的专门技术,包括建筑设计、室内设计、建造顾问服务、总体规划、园景设计和城市规划等。

To support our continuous growth and expansion in Asia, Aedas is now seeking a high caliber candidate for Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu Office:

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Does anyone have advice for participants who may interview for an architecture graduate position at Aedas?

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I'm not too familiar with an architecture graduate position, especially at a company like Aedas, so what's the experience like?

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Would it be accurate to assume that a major in architecture would be most helpful for a job as an architecture graduate at Aedas?

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