About Aeropostale

We are a trendy casual clothing retail store who sells to young adults


Sales associate

June 2023 Hicksville, NY
“I liked that I was able to look at different options and see what fit best for me. I also liked that I was able to narrow it down to what type of job I wanted and within a specific radius”

sales lead

April 2019 - September 2022 Pottstown, PA
“I absolutely loved this job, the people you work with really become like family. It was a major growing experience for me and taught me a lot. You deal with customers a lot which teaches you how to have great customer service. The job also has many leadership positions, so you are always being given an opportunity to step up if you would like. I started as a sales associate at the age of sixteen and was a manager (sales lead) by the age of eighteen. ”
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