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About Air National Guard

The Air Guard is a unique military branch that offers opportunities you won't find in any other organization on the planet. Everyone has their own reason for joining: the training, the flexibility, the school benefits, the extra paycheck; but it's the sense of purpose, and the pride of serving your community and country, that will make you want to stay. Members of the Air Guard are dynamic individuals who lead purpose-driven lives. Most attend school or maintain a full-time career in addition to training one weekend a month and two weeks a year in the Air Guard. They typically train close to their homes, often alongside neighbors and friends, and they take immense pride in serving their local communities. They’re also proud to be a part of the Air Guard family – a community of people dedicated to supporting each other and improving the lives of others.
All Air Guard members receive a comprehensive benefits package and a regular paycheck for their service. In addition to these federal benefits, the Air Guard offers unique state benefits that include 100% SUNY TUITION PAYMENT, along with additional monetary compensation, just for attending college and furthering your education.


Coronavirus Specimen Collection

May 2020 - August 2020 Milwaukee, WI
“This unique experience gave me new skills including being HIPAA certified, becoming partially medically trained, and trained in biological specimen collection. I was able to work with a fantastic team that had the highest amount of tests completed daily in Wisconsin. It felt great working for something that was benefitting the citizens of Wisconsin by accurately reporting positive cases and helping give resources to people who unfortunately got covid-19. ”

Crew Chief

December 2016 Duluth, MN
“There are so many opportunities and skills that one can experience and learn. ”
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