Alan Khazei for Congress

About Alan Khazei for Congress

Alan Khazei is not a career politician. He’s a movement leader, a march organizer and a builder who’s founded multiple non-profits, including City Year, all in service to people and our local communities.

Alan’s running for Congress because he’s had enough of the logjam in DC, and he’s the one candidate who knows the only way we’ll ever actually knock down prescription drug prices, stop gun violence or tackle the destruction of our climate is if we do things differently. Alan’s campaign isn’t powered by corporate PACS or lobbyists, and it’s not about the same old talking points we’ve heard a million times before.

Instead, it’s driven by Alan’s conviction that there’s no more powerful force for change than people banded together behind a common purpose, and making that happen has been the mission of his life. Because Alan knows when the people go all in, we win. Alan’s a trailblazer. Someone whose big vision is tethered to a relentless determination to get it done. And when he does bust down the doors of Congress, he won’t be walking in alone. He’ll be taking all of us in with him. That’s Alan Khazei.


Democracy Corps Fellow

June 2020 - August 2020 Brookline, MA
“It was a great team environment all working to elect Alan to Congress. I met people who I hope to stay friends with even after the campaign was over. ”
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