ALCIVIA brings together engaged employees from two legacy cooperatives with a single mission, shared vision and common values.

The name ALCIVIA comes from the Latin word for community, which can also be seen in familiar words like civic and civility. It speaks to the reality that all of us belong to a member-owned cooperative community with a shared goal: Drive success through innovation, vision and leadership.

A passionate drive to help our customers succeed—that’s what energizes us as a cooperative. We all need each other and are equally passionate, enthusiastic and intent on making the future even brighter than the present. The success and safety of our customers is priority one and we are determined to make it happen every day.

As a member-owned cooperative powered by engaged employees, ALCIVIA is a community of passionate, like-minded individuals who are driven to advance your success through innovative and responsible solutions. The ALCIVIA difference is that we are always on your side.


Marketing Intern

April 2020 - December 2020 Cottage Grove, WI
“I liked the variety of tasks I was able to do, and that they worked hard to make sure I was learning what I wanted to learn. The internship was tailored for me and my previous skills, and taught me more based on those skills. I was able to try new things, but still be able to do activities that were more familiar for a well-rounded experience.”

Equine Nutrition Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Cottage Grove, WI
“The flexibility, I got to create my own schedule and complete projects on my own time. If I needed help my supervisor was easy to reach and helpful. The culture and my coworkers were wonderful. I also was able to customize my internship and work with marketing and other departments to expand my learning. ”
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