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About Altec Industries

Altec is a leading provider of products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications and contractor markets. We provide products and services in over 100 countries throughout the world. For over 92 years, Altec has been a company committed to excellence! Our products are the industry leaders and are consistently raising the bar through innovative product design, integrated safety features, and continued dedication to total customer satisfaction.


Quality Engineer

January 2023 - July 2023 Elizabethtown, KY
“Altec is a very welcoming company. Everyone I talked to was willing to help. They treat you like an adult, give you the responsibilities as an adult. I got experience finding root causes to issues and creating preventative and corrective actions. I enjoyed putting together the pieces of information I got by talking to different people to find the true reason something didn't go according to plan. In my second rotation I was able to build off of the skills I formed in my first rotation. In addition I was able to lead my own week long project to make an improvement to the company. Overall I was able to improve on my ability to communicate and problem solve while learning about the environment of manufacturing and quality engineering. ”

Engineering Co-op

January 2023 - July 2023 Elizabethtown, KY
“The company has great values and community. This is the type of company that has strong values and sticks with them. During my time there I was given plenty of responsibility and freedom with my work. Since I was there for a double rotation I was able to experience being the engineer over a certain area in the plant. This meant that people would ask me questions and I would have similar responsibilities to a full-time engineer. I worked in the final assembly plant I was able to see the whole manufacturing process from start to finish. This gave me a better understanding of the product that was being produced and I got to see all the different types that were made at that specific plant. Another aspect I liked about Altec was their training programs, I felt like several of them were very insightful. The trainings were not only helpful for my time at Altec, but they are also helpful for other aspects of my professional life and I believe that I will be able to use several of the ideas I learned during these trainings.”
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