About Alteryx

Analytics shouldn’t be for the chosen few. Everyone should be able to have fun with analytics; to make measurable impact at their organizations, gaining confidence and propelling their careers forward.

The power of data analytics shouldn’t be limited to certain job titles. Or industries. Or organizations. Because when more people are doing more things with data, more incredible things happen. That’s why we believe analytics is for everyone. And everything. And should be everywhere.

That’s why Alteryx Analytics for All.


Graphic Design Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Houston, TX
“Being apart of an in-house creative team was a standout for me. Getting to work on projects with my team and across teams were a lot of fun. Even working with others was a blast, the dynamic and atmosphere that the company had was inspiring and made me feel at home. They prioritize wellness in the workplace with really drew me in, along with their volunteerism opportunities that others can take part of. I had worked with a class of other interns in different roles and they were a blast to work with. I am looking forward to returning post-grad! ”

Software Engineering Intern

July 2019 Broomfield, CO
“The company has an amazing culture. The executives obviously put a ton of effort into keeping everybody at the company happy. From espresso machines to paid volunteer hours, this company makes sure that it is creating a community that everybody wants to share. ”
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