Alzheimer's Association - Alabama Chapter


June - August 2017 • Newbury Park, CA

What I liked

The organization is full of great people tackling the disease of Alzheimer's on many different levels. Everyone is passionate about the cause of the organization. The entire organization is community based, so they are open to help in basically any way from anyone.

What I wish was different

Sometimes, the tasks I was given were a tad monotonous when there wasn't anything "fun" to do, but this was balanced out by the fact that I was able to make important contributions to the organization even in my short time there. And even the monotonous tasks needed to be completed, nothing I did was useless.


I wish I had known about the opportunity to volunteer sooner. Since the Alzheimer's Association is based around several yearly events, applying and starting a few months before an event instead of a few weeks before (like I did) will give you more options on how to help out, and get you in on the ground floor.
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