About Amara

Video is fast becoming the medium of choice for online content. This content includes free education from some of the best institutions across the globe, worldwide news, and work opportunities, as well as insights into many different cultures. Currently, the majority of online video content, especially free educational resources, relies on English as the default. This means hundreds of millions of people are unable to fully benefit from this media, because they cannot understand the language.

Amara connects millions of people to help break down these barriers and allows hundreds of organizations to make their content more accessible through innovative technology. Some of these include TED Talks, GitHub, Moderskeppet, Scientific American, and many more.

Amara is a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF), a nonprofit 501c3. We pursue our mission to create a more participatory and inclusive world by fostering a media ecosystem that enables everyone to benefit from online video content. Engaging our online community to interact with others using the platform can take us to a new level of fulfilling our mission by encouraging meaningful human connections within our user base, and leading by example to a more understanding and caring society.


Health aide

July 2018 - August 2019 Cleveland, OH
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