How much were you compensated as an intern in their software division for Amazon?

I received around $7500/mo. + $3500/mo. for Bay Area housing. This summer I’ll be receiving $8100/mo. salary. Note that in Seattle you’ll only get $2500/mo. for housing. I also received a full time offer (which I declined since I want to pursue a PhD). The full time offer was $116,000/yr. + $7500...
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What are some generic interview tips, but specific to Amazon you can offer?

Study the study guide your given and be able to explain your answers. Even if your answer is wrong, they just want to see how you came to the answer and if you can explain your answer.
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From your experience, did you think Amazon truly upholds their company values?

They have a bunch of leadership principles which I found to be annoying mostly. My small team and manager were great and gave me a lot of flexibility. My "bar raiser" was not so open minded. It is a huge company so there is a lot of variability.
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Did anyone start working at any of Amazon's Fulfillment centers during college? What motivated you to apply vs. a part-time job on campus?

I worked at amazon during my time at San Jose State because the hours were very manageable with my school schedule. I worked the graveyard shift: (Thursday- Sunday: 9 P.M - 2 A.M). They also give you a amount of hours per quarter (approx 3 months) where you can miss work. This can be very useful ...
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What does a typical day look like working for Amazon Fulfillment?

I worked at the Lenexa, KS warehouse in the summer of 2017, so if you work in another facility your experiences might be different. My shifts were 4 hours long, five days per week. I was able to set my own schedule, but there are many opportunities to pick up extra shifts if you need to work more...
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What do you think are important traits to exhibit as a software engineering intern at Amazon?

You will need to know or be able to quickly learn (1) code management infrastructure like git, continuous integration frameworks like Amazon pipelines, and other tools, (2) how to program in the language your team uses, (3) how to work with team members, and (4) how to properly document and prese...
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How structured would you say the intern training program is for software developer engineer interns at Amazon?

SDE intern goes through a 2 day SDE bootcamp, which familiarizes with Amazon build tools. You are assigned a Mentor, who works with you on any Team/Project specific training required. There are plenty of tools and training programs within Amazon that is open to all and an intern can take benefit ...
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What exactly should I expect to do as a software development engineer intern, specifically at Amazon?

This depends on the team. Some common teams that interns work on at Amazon are Alexa, Amazon Appstore, Finance Tech, Internal software tools, etc. I worked to improve on Amazon's book review blogging platform with Java.
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Any insight to how much I can get paid if I become an Amazon Prime rep?

I’m not sure what the compensation will be for this coming school year but last year my partner and I got paid $100 per mobile event we hosted and $140 per tabling event. We had to have 3 tabling and 4 Mobile a semester and there are a ton of cool incentives and bonuses throughout the year.
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Why did you apply and ultimately end up accepting your role as an SDE at Amazon?

I saw Software Development Engineer(SDE) as a gateway to enter the market of solving problems with the best way possible. Many people suggested roles such as data scientist/ ML engineer but I thought these are too specific roles and avoids the flexibility to explore new technologies, which is off...
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For Amazon, how do they structure their SDE interviews for interns? Is it any different than other big employers like Google?

At Amazon no matter which role you interview for, we value leadership principles which we use everyday. It is something peculiar with Amazon, but it is one of the important part of the interview. Of course there will be technical coding interviews, which is pretty similar how every other tech com...
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How was your day structured working as an SDE at Amazon?

Interning as an SDE is a lot of fun since I was in Seattle which is the most beautiful city I have visited so far. I think a typical day as a SDE intern in Amazon is slightly different from all the other interns I met since Amazon trusts their interns a lot and expects them to do some real stuff ...
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What's the hourly wage that you got working at an Amazon Fulfillment warehouse?

Picker like me that works part time I earn $16 per hour they pay for my dental and vision insurance I only work Saturday and Sundays from 7:30 am to 6pm. Full time start $11 every 6 month they get raised they also get insurance they have to pay like $30 something dollars but is worthed is really...
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Was it a tough interview process to get hired for a fulfillment role at Amazon Fulfillment?

To work at Amazon as a Fulfillment Associate there is no real interview process. While doing the online application they have questions that is like a personality test to see if you’d be a good fit. If they like your answers they invite you in for a drug test, if you pass the drug test they invit...
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Just saw a job posting for a UI/UX Design internship at Amazon.. does anyone know what a day in the life looks like?

At the time, there was a UX internship group with around 30 interns. Each intern was matched with a manager in a wide variety of teams, It is pretty variable what you work on, what you are expected to do, the autonomy you hold, etc... on what manager and team you get. But most likely you will be ...
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How's the work environment like your Amazon Fulfillment center?

The culture at Amazon can be difficult to describe. But truthful based on my own experience with the warehouse I worked in, the culture was welcoming. They cared about you as an individual and as a team. There's even nights where we have raffle and game hours to relax and distress.
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What can I expect in terms of work/personal life balance as a software engineer intern at Amazon?

There have been complaints in the past about work-life balance for full-time employees. However for interns, they will never ask you to work more than 40 hours a week (though some interns still do) and you will never be on-call.
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What might Amazon look for when interviewing somebody for a speech and language annotator job?

Amazon is really into their "Leadership principles" so I recommend taking a look at those before the interview so you can work them into the conversation. Be prepared to talk about your ability to work independently and any experience you have with other speech or language analysis.
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Wnat's the best way to stand out as an Amazon Prime Student Rep?

I would say very strong interpersonal skills are important. You have to be able to talk to people to be successful! Also being able to make your schedule flexible. You’re ill have to work with another person and both people have to be willing to give an take. Being organized will also help you be...
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What does a speech and language annotator do when working at Amazon?

You sit at the computer and use their proprietary software to go through a bunch of Alexa device interactions. You annotate the things people say to catch things like names of songs or brand names, commands, etc. It gets tedious really quickly, I'm not going to lie.
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