American Regent, Inc.

Mechanical Engineering Intern

May - August 2019 • New Albany, OH

What I liked

I really like how open ended and flexible the entire experience was. I was given a list of potential projects I could work on at the beginning of the summer and was allowed to choose which projects I wanted to work on. Timelines were very flexible as well, so projects could be put on hold in order to pursue other opportunities while working there. Also, I got the opportunity to work with the maintenance and metrology teams as well as other engineers. This gave me the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in various areas of engineering, whether it be technical skills, professionalism, or etiquette when it came to presenting the outcomes of projects.

What I wish was different

I wish I would have had the opportunity to get my hands dirty during the experience. Most of the work I did was on a computer, and while I did work with maintenance and metrology, I never got the opportunity to work on some of the heavy machinery/utilities that were there. I did gain a basic understanding of how these various systems worked, I would have just liked to have had some hands on experience in addition.


Use your resources as much as you can. You can only get so much work done by yourself with the knowledge you have gained in school, so utilizing the knowledge and skills of the people around you is really important. Everyone was always willing to help when I had issues, and it was when I went to seek advice from my boss or other employees that I feel I really gained a lot of useful knowledge and experience.
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