American River Parkway Foundation

About American River Parkway Foundation

Vision: The American River Parkway to be one of the nation’s premier urban natural parks.

Mission: The American River Parkway Foundation (APRF) leads and inspires the community to conserve and nurture the American River Parkway as a unique, accessible resource for everyone to enjoy.

Volunteerism – We recognize our responsibility and commitment to nurturing and maintaining the Parkway. Our volunteers are essential to our success.
Conservation – We respect nature. We are passionate about the environment and are committed stewards of the natural habitats that are a place of respite, recreation and rejuvenation to our community.
Leadership – We strive to be the Parkway’s advocate. We collaborate, convene and build partnerships that protect and promote the Parkway. We recognize and appreciate that diverse people, ideas, thinking and beliefs expand our perspectives.
Education – We stand for learning. Environmental education helps us understand how to exist harmoniously with nature and conserve this environment for future generations.
Community Access – The Parkway is for all. We are committed to breaking down barriers that prevent people in our diverse communities from enjoying the Parkway.
Integrity – We take the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and seek to improve. We are self-aware, accountable and responsible for our actions.
Health and Wellness – We promote health and wellness now and in the future.
Fun – Fun is important. We work hard but we also play, socialize, laugh and share in nature.

The American River Parkway Foundation is a 501 (3) c nonprofit located on the American River Parkway.


GIS Mapping Technician

June 2019 - September 2019 Carmichael, CA
“I loved learning about all the plant species, issues with invasive plants in the parkway, and how mapping technology is used. The guest speakers were wonderful sources of information on private entities and job opportunities. The river cleanup was a lot of fun!”
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