Americas TMS Center

Medical Assistant/TMS Technician/Spravato Technician

September - November 2023 • Irvine, CA

What I liked

Interacting with the clients and learning more about their experience with mental illness.

What I wish was different

Where do I even start? • Better training – Dr. Suzuki barely trained me in any of the 3 roles that I was doing. I had to learn it from other staff or figure it out after making mistakes. She also barely knew what she was doing; for example, she was having difficulty operating one of the TMS machines when one of the technicians had the day off. • Being paid more – I was doing 3 jobs (medical assistant, TMS technician, and Spravato technician) with a wage of 1 ($20/hr) • Being an actual employee – Dr. Suzuki loves money so she signs almost everyone on as a contractor to save tax money. However, she treats you like an employee by regulating what you do and the time you must come in. • Not being belittled – Working here was like walking on eggshells. Any little things could set Dr. Suzuki off. She did not allow phone usage, but you need it sometimes to correspond with other contractors or use the calculator and timer apps. I once misunderstood her instruction and apologized, she took great offense and questioned me in a hostile manner regarding how was she not clear and whether I was trying to confuse her. • Vague instruction – Dr. Suzuki will give you vague instructions, but she gets irritated if you ask too many questions. • Not on-site – Dr. Suzuki will not be onsite when she needs to be. For example, it is required by law for her to be at the office when a patient is undergoing Spravato treatment as it is an FDA-regulated drug. However, she was barely there when I was administering it.


You're expected to do a lot for very little compensation (whether that is money or feeling like you're cared for at work), so if you're applying for this job, be aware of that. If you're a female, she'll also dislike you as she favors male "employees."
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