Amper Technologies

Business Operations Intern

June 2020 • Chicago, IL

What I liked

Incredible company. I love the people, the product, and the industry! I also enjoy the flexibility and the breadth of jobs I work on.

What I wish was different

More structure for my role, communicated up front, would have been helpful. But I've been with Amper for 18 months now, and a growth-stage startup like this moves so fast that it's hard to build that structure. I've learned to take initiative and build my own structure in ambiguous situations, which is something my colleagues really value.


Build your network starting freshman year. The activities I did starting a month into my freshman year (e.g. attending the Startup Matchmaking event at the Garage) led me to this role. It's much easier to obtain a position, especially at a startup, if you know someone who works there!
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