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About Amy's Ice Creams

Amy’s Ice Creams, the iconic and kindest Austin ice cream brand in Texas, is deeply passionate about providing an unparalleled ice cream experience along with a commitment to supporting and improving the lives of our employees, our partners, and our communities. Amy's Ice Creams was voted as the business that best embodies the heart and soul of Austin. Amy's handcrafts small-batch super-premium ice cream, vegan flavors, non-dairy fruit ices, and is home to the world-famous Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream. Established in 1984, Amy’s has 13 locations in Austin, 1 in Houston, and 1 in San Antonio. In addition, Amy’s welcomes wholesale, catering, and eCommerce opportunities along with many wonderful bakery products and services from “Baked by Amy’s.” We’ve been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, BuzzFeed, The View, and many more but you won’t see any of those accolades hanging on our walls. Why? Because every Amy’s employee knows that they earn Amy’s reputation every day with unbelievably flavorful ice cream, an irreverent atmosphere, and the best employees on the planet. With over 350 rotating specialty ice cream flavors, every visit is a new adventure for their over 1 million customers a year. Its mission is to “Make People’s Day!” and with your help, together will accomplish this vision.


Marketing and PR Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Austin, TX
“The best aspects of my internship for Amy's Ice Creams were getting to be part of the team at the headquarters for an Austin institution and getting to play a role in structuring my position. Since Aaron is a one-person marketing team for an established brand and a growing company I got to take part in almost every area of marketing and outreach. Moreover, Aaron wanted to make sure that the Amy's internship fulfilled my individual areas of interest and study so he sought ways to involve me in hands-on design projects and design related meetings specifically. That tailored experience has really prepared me to work with design in a corporate environment. I was equally impressed with the speed of communication regarding the position. This is one of the best work experiences I have had thus far. Amy's Ice Creams is an amazing company and Aaron is a terrific boss. I would encourage anyone with an interest in any area of marketing, advertising, media or design to apply.”

Marketing and PR Intern

September 2019 - December 2019 Austin, TX
“I loved the atmosphere of working in the office. It was relaxed, everyone was nice and greeted each other. Aaron was a great boss and a fantastic mentor. He asked what we wanted to gain from the internship and that shaped the projects he would give you. He gives constructive criticism that can be taken outside of the internship. The weekly one-on-one meetings would keep the interns busy with projects. He also made it comfortable for interns to share their ideas that can help a promotion or project that the company was working on. They encouraged the interns to sit in weekly meetings with the office staff. We could speak and give suggestions in the meetings if needed. We also got to test new flavored ice cream which was such a perk in this job. I gave the interns a first-hand view of what a company meeting looks like. ”
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