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About Anderson Center for Autism

The Anderson Center for Autism (ACA) story begins in 1924 and progresses through decades of transformation. For 90 years, our sole purpose has been to support people with special needs. We remain dedicated to enriching our services, while vigilantly preparing for the future.

Our history
Dr. V.V. Anderson founded Anderson School in 1924 as a prep school offering a specialized educational model.

Autism, our specialty
Anderson opened its first group home for three individuals with autism in 1977. (In the 1960’s and 70’s, there were 5 cases of autism per 10,000 children. Today, autism affects 1 in every 54 American children.
In our first two years, the number of children in the Anderson Autism Program multiplied tenfold (30) and in ten years, it multiplied twentyfold (72).
Today we support 300 individuals through our core residential and day program and these services are rapidly expanding. We are proud to be New York State’s exceptional “go to” agency for addressing people presenting with some of the most challenging issues related to autism.
Anderson Center Clinic supports a growing population through a myriad of service options within the Hudson Valley with an additional base of 100 today.
The need for quality programs and services for individuals with autism continues to grow exponentially. ACA expands to meet this need.

ACA Today
All programs are geared for individuals on the autism spectrum.
Our Children's Services Program welcomes school-age children up to 21 years old with a wide range of functional levels, skills and abilities.
Our Adult Services promotes independence and offers support for adults through innovative adult day habilitation and residential programs in 3 counties.
The Anderson Center Clinic includes:
A robust private Consulting Practice supporting people in their home, school and community environments.
Insurance reimbursable services provided to individuals specifically diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.
The Clinic which offers a wide array of services including behavioral supports, occupational, physical and speech therapy, and consultation. The clinic is licensed by the NYS OPWDD under Article 16.

The Anderson Center commitment
To enhance the quality of life and provide unique opportunities through our LIFELONG LEARNING℠ service options.

Recruiting new talent
We provide internship opportunities with many regional colleges and universities.
Through Anderson Center for Autism, we invite International Fellows to work with us while sharing their unique perspectives.

Serving the broader community

[*] We host Autism Tomorrow, a major conference, featuring such organizations as Autism Speaks, Princeton University and Brookings Institution.

[*] Anderson provides extensive community educational opportunities such as first responder education as well as training businesses to offers Autism Supportive Environments.

[*] Anderson reaches the broadest community through its Anderson 1:54 Talk Show hosted by Eliza Bozenski.

[*] Anderson has partnerships for our staff and their families with the Marist College, Mt St Mary College, Empire State College, Cappella College and Manhattanville College.

[*] The Anderson Center for Autism has partner with the Village of Rhinebeck to create the first Autism Supportive Community in the Hudson Valley region.

Honors/Awards for ACA and for leadership
[*] CFO Tin Chirico:
2017 Financial Managers Association Member of Distinction
2020 OPWDD Commissioner appointment to the Rate Reform Committee
2021 OPWDD Commissioner appointment to the Provider Association Committee
2021 Board President of the NYS Financial Managers Association
2021 Board Treasurer of the 853 Coalition of Private Schools
[*] 2020Director of Nursing Gina Williamson, RN, recognized as one of the top 20 nurses in the Hudson Valley by Hudson Valle Magazine
[*] 2020CEO Patrick Paul nominated to the Autism Spectrum Disorder Advisory Board, Governor Andrew Cuomo
[*] 2019 CDO Eliza Bozenski nominated Women in Business, Hudson Valley Magazine
[*] 2018 Coordinator of Staff Development Cindy Mowris NADSP JFK Jr. Award for DSP Workforce Advocacy and Leadership
[*] 2017 Ultimate Software Customer Innovation Award
[*] 2016 Dutchess County SPCA Award
[*] 2016 Claudio Cares Foundation Organization of the Year
[*] 2014 Dutchess County Economic Development Council Grand Award Winner of Business Excellence
[*] 2014 University of Minnesota Moving Mountains Award
[*] 2012 Marist College Internship Employer of the Year
[*] 2011 Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year
[*] 2009 Computerworld Laureate Medal
[*] 2009 Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal
[*] 2006 Dutchess County Economic Development NFP Business Award

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Nurse Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Staatsburg, NY
“Working with the autism population Learning and practicing nursing skills in a supportive environment Encouraging, supportive preceptors and staff Learning to adapt nursing practice and skills to the autism community”
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