Anderson’s Seed & Garden, Inc

Lawn Care Technician

May - June 2022 • Logan, UT

What I liked

I loved working by myself and having my own truck and gear loaned to me for use. I listened to a lot of podcasts and other audio media while I met really nice people, and took care of their lawns. I loved how there was incentive to get more efficient and effective at your job. If you did get faster, you were paid commission which allows you to make more money per hour than just $16. My second paycheck I received commission and I averaged $18.98 per hour. If you are a college student and need a summer job, this is a great one! They pay for your state test to get certified (it’s not too bad if you study well and use common sense). Everyone there is very pleasant, it’s a great work environment!

What I wish was different

I do wish there was a bit more training before going off on your own. I was taught how to apply the product, but not much more than that. I would have liked to shadow an experienced tech for about a week or two that way I could get more familiar with everything and see how it’s all done. I didn’t know too much about each product or about how to diagnose a lawn, and I feel shadowing someone would’ve helped when questions about the product(s) or the lawn arose.


If you’re going to work here, DO IT! It’s good money and it’s fun being on your feet and outside all day. Make sure to get waterproof boots (at least), good Dr. Scholl’s inserts, and moisture-wicking socks and you should be good to go! Work hard, queue up some good music/podcasts/audiobook, and have fun! Be safe while applying as well, I wore a mask every time to be safe, I’m not trying to die early!
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