Andrew Lauren Interiors

Accounting Intern

June 2017 • San Diego, CA

What I liked

My direct supervisor, Karen, who was contracted temporarily to act as controller and put the company in the right path, was more than just my supervisor. She is an incredibly intellectual woman with extensive knowledge about business, finance, and accounting and showed true interest in mentoring me and teaching me accounting principals and typical accounting procedures and duties. She truly wanted me to learn and this made the internship a very nice and fulfilling experience.

What I wish was different

So far, nothing about my past and current internship experience with Andrew Lauren Interiors has been an issue to me to the point where I would have like it to be different.


You're an intern. The point of an internship is to learn and to gain experience. Don't ever feel ashamed because its hard to catch on on things. Don't ever feel ashamed to ask questions multiple times until you understand something. Don't ever feel ashamed when you're corrected for doing something wrong. You are learning and this is the whole point of your internship. Understanding after not understanding, receiving answers after asking questions, and learning to correct what you have been doing incorrectly only contributes to you becoming better at something that you previously weren't; You gain experience. Knowledge and practical experience is the ultimate goal of an internship. Choose your internship wisely, take advantage of all of the knowledge around you, and absorb as much information as you can.
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