Andy's Frozen Custard

About Andy's Frozen Custard

Who is Andy's Frozen Custard?

Andy’s Frozen Custard is a quick service frozen dessert business. We are a freestanding restaurant, with drive through and walk-up service windows. We exclusively sell frozen custard treats. Andy’s has a wide variety of treats from simple vanilla or chocolate cones, to seasonal favorites like our Pumpkin Pie Concretes and Strawberry Shortcake Sundaes.

Our approach has been fairly simple: Hire great people, treat them right, and try to get the product in as many mouths as possible. Andy’s Frozen Custard focuses on three main things: product quality, customer service, and community involvement. Our efforts in these areas are what make us unique in the markets we serve.

It is this commitment to quality that allows us to be confident in saying that Andy's makes the best frozen treat in the entire world!

Where did Andy's Frozen Custard come from?

Andy's Frozen Custard has always been fanatical about custard, and has served it with pride since March 19, 1986. For more than three decades, only the freshest ingredients have been used for a frozen custard experience you can’t get anywhere else.

The Andy’s Frozen Custard tradition started in Osage Beach, Missouri when John and Carol Kuntz embarked on a new frozen custard endeavor. Their treat quickly became a legend at the lake, and soon took nearby Springfield, Missouri by storm.

It was at the original Springfield location where John and Carol’s son Andy (and his wife Dana) worked long hours learning the business from the ground up. Their fanaticism for a supreme product and unmatched customer service never wavered. Always striving to expand and improve Andy’s Frozen Custard, they have taken the brand to new heights, with locations throughout Missouri, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

These shops offer customers near and far, from its Osage Beach roots, a slice of hometown Americana where it’s fun to be a kid for a while. At the heart of each Andy’s is a fun work environment, where everyone shares in the fanaticism that brought Andy’s to life, and keeps it going strong.

A unique but simple approach has been used to achieve such great success; hire great people, and treat them right. John and Carol's philosophy was always, "If you are in the service business, you have to hire people that have a strong desire to serve. Pay them above average, train them well, and demand nothing but the best."

John, Carol, Andy, and Dana have been able to make Andy's Frozen Custard the largest dessert only franchise in the world! Andy's can now be found in 14 states, and has more than 90 locations open, and several more under construction.


Restaurant Shift Leader

May 2017 - August 2019 Spring Hill, TN
“My supervisors were very willing to work with my schedule as a student and allow time off when necessary. It was also a very fun, upbeat work environment. ”

Team Member

May 2019 - August 2019 Greer, SC
“Friendly work environment and relatively low pressure. Get a free treat each shift and sometimes it didn't feel like work. Solid choice for a summer job.”
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